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In July 2017, the Bridge at Waterloo launched its second, pioneering digital bootcamp.

16 people from a wide range of backgrounds embarked on the four-week DIGITAL FUTURES training. The course covered computer coding, website building, app design and collaborative team work.

Su Adams of U Can Too taught the students, working closely with Rebecca Evans of the Pell Ensemble. The Rambert Quick Silver Youth Company and the composer Angus McCrae provided the dancers and music. 

The students, most of them completely new to coding, deconstructed the music score, programming with Python and Sonic Pi. They created interactive lighting - some of it wearable, other parts for use on stage with sensors.


The daily coding sessions were supplemented with workshops on soft skills. Topics included CV development, time management, interview technique, team work, effective communication (with Debate Mate) and much more. 


The course culminated in an adventurous interactive  dance performance at The Vaults near Waterloo, featuring coded, interactive lighting and movement that was dictated by the student programmers. Technology and performance came together in a striking show of talent and imagination.

Audience reaction was enthusiastic“I’ve never seen a piece before where the music dictated the movement," said one. "It was really cool.” 

Alasdair Blackwell teaching at Bridge at Waterloo, July 2016
Coding skills 2017
Moving forward

• Rapid prototyping

• Design thinking

• Computational thinking

• Core Fundamentals of Programming

• Physical Computing

• Electronics

• Accessibility

• Collaborative Planning and Collaborative Working

• Project Management

• Coding in Python

Digital Futures is a digital employability programme with a tangible, performance outcome. It is the first flagship course of The Bridge at Waterloo.

“Our intention is to unlock the potential of as many people as possible who live locally.” Said Giles Goddard, who oversees The Bridge at Waterloo. "We're now planning our 2018 Digital Futures course, which is very exciting."

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