The Bridge at Waterloo seeks to provide people on the edge with the opportunity to escape from disadvantage through engaging with heritage, the arts, technology, and employability. Through Digital Futures and our Garden projects, we empower young people to oppose disadvantage.

We need your help to enable us to reach out to those who need our help the most. By donating, you will be joining our growing army of supporters, who are dedicated to stamping-out poverty and disadvantage throughout South London. 



According to the 2015 edition of London’s Poverty Profile, Lambeth had the highest rate of underage pregnancy (conception rate of 7.1 per 1,000 women aged 13 to 15), as well as relatively low male life expectancy.


Lambeth also had a higher rate of out-of-work benefit recipients (at 10.6%) than the London average. Unemployment (8.7%) and out of work benefit claims (11.1%) were both higher in Southwark than the average for London in 2014. Rents in Southwark are unaffordable relative to most London boroughs. Homelessness acceptances grew in Southwark from 3.7 to 6.1 per 1,000 households between 2009 and 2014.


Additionally, “Less than half of pupils receiving free school meals under-attained at GCSE level in 2013/14 (48%), better than most other London boroughs”. 

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