St John’s Waterloo has served the people of Waterloo for nearly 200 years, acting as  an air-raid shelter during the War, the Festival of Britain church in 1951 and providing a day centre for homeless people in the 1990s.


Today we run the Waterloo Festival, the Bridge at Waterloo employment courses and are the headquarters for Southbank Sinfonia and other organisations. Our churchyard is an oasis.

Bombed in the Second World War, and rebuilt in 1951 as the Festival Church, St John's is in now in urgent need of renovation.

St John's needs:

  • An improved main entrance 

  • Disabled access into the crypt

  • Efficient heating and lighting

  • A kitchen for community events

  • Renovated toilets

  • Better acoustics in main space

  • Facilities for performers

  • A more prayerful chapel


Our independent charity, The Bridge at Waterloo, supports people into employment through work in the arts, digital industries and heritage.


We need to renovate the crypt to provide a proper home for The Bridge at Waterloo, Southbank Sinfonia and our other arts and community partners.  


The total cost of the scheme is £3.7m. We have raised half that already. So we only need £1.8m.  Can you help?

GET INVOLVED:  Host an event! Can you throw a tea party, a sponsored run, a cake sale, or anything you can think of? Or DONATE by clicking the button above. The smallest donation can make a difference:

  • £10 will pay for a new pane of glass in the windows

  •  £50 will pay for 5m2 of acoustic improvements

  •  £200 will pay for a new chair in the church

  •  £1000 will pay a new step in the staircase into the crypt

  •  £10,000 will pay for a new toilet

  •  £50,000 will pay for a new room for training and community use

Donors’ names will be recorded in our Book of Thanks, and the names of all who give over £1,000 will be recorded on the Board of Thanks


Help us unlock the potential of the people and the buildings of Waterloo! 


For further details contact Giles Goddard or Jack Allen at:


Thank you!      


Architect Eric Parry  has designed the proposals for the main church, improving the space and acoustics drastically, making it lighter and brighter, and transforming the chapel to offer a prayer and meditation space throughout the week. Down in the crypt, the state-of-the-art renovation will provide a home for our partners Southbank Sinfonia, Futures Theatre, Southbank Keys and our independent charity The Bridge at Waterloo.

St John's Waterloo, Waterloo Road, London, SE1 8TY

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The Bridge at Waterloo is a registered charity No. 1167768