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Meet Jack Allen

TEAM 2017

In the first of a series, we introduce the team at The Bridge at Waterloo.

JACK ALLEN is our new (and first!) Development Director.


What’s your dream for 2017?

To raise some big funds for the Bridge at Waterloo! My job is to tell potential funders about the opportunity to get involved in this exciting project. My hope is that through these great training courses for young people, we will be able to benefit the local community as the Bridge starts to grow.

What kind of charities and funders might be interested?

The Bridge at Waterloo is a new initiative which aims to build bridges between the arts, local heritage and employment for the Boroughs of Lambeth and Waterloo.

Digital Futures is our our flagship programme. It uses heritage and the arts to teach young people coding and digital skills. If you are interested in widening participation in the arts and in heritage, or are concerned about young people struggling to find employment, then you should be interested in the work of the Bridge at Waterloo!

Personal hopes and fears?

I’m also a second-year philosophy student at King’s College London, specialising in ethics and philosophy of religion. I will be starting my dissertation in the summer. I run the Philosophy Society at King’s, so I’m excited about the guest speakers we have coming in the new term, the reading groups we run and our new undergraduate journal. A core value of the Society is widening participation in philosophy, so I am very hopeful that we will be able to bring new people into the philosophical world.

Interested in finding out more about The Bridge at Waterloo?


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