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Digital Futures Spectacular!

On July 31st Digital Futures will present a creative digital dance performance, 'Bridge: Remix', as part of The Bridge at Waterloo's outreach project.

The performance will involve a unique collaboration between 16 coders and three dancers onstage, changing the choreography in real time, using code, movement sensors, sound and light.

Choreography is by Pell Ensemble, the digital development by U Can Too; and sound score by Angus MacRae.

The free performance will takes place at The Vaults in Waterloo, at 7pm on Monday, July 31st. Tickets (free) can now be booked here.

The Bridge at Waterloo is training an aspiring group of adults, through its course Digital Futures, looking to make a career in tech with creative with coding skills.

Su Adams from U Can Too, who runs the month-long digital coding course, commented “This performance will show that tech can be creative as well as functional in work situations”. She continued, “The course teaches digital coding, and how to use it in a creative way and most importantly gives skills to work in a whole variety of organisations.”

Cannon Giles Goddard, St Johns Waterloo, said “We are please that we are giving a unique chance for this disadvantaged group to play their part in the growing London tech environment and empowering them to develop such useful, practical skills."

Rebbeca Evans from Pell Ensemble said, “I’ve worked with members of the company to choreograph a modern live interactive dance with a multi-layered sound score. The dancers react to the live coding during the evolving performance using lighting and sensors worn by the dancers and on stage. It will be a truly memorable performance.”

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